Invention and Innovation Expo 2009, UiTM Perak

Alhamdullilah, pray to research in Cross Ventilation had won several awards since 2009 - 2010..
Thanks to my strong, charismatic group members whom had faith in our works..
Nazhatulzalkis Jamaludin and Khairulliza Ahmad Salleh

This is my starting point ~ The first exhibition..
Innovation and Invention Expo, UiTM Perak
14th of October 2009
Best Overall Awards
Gold Medal
Best Poster

Our research is fully funded by Government under Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) for Science and Technology section. This is all about sustainability and comfort living for tropical houses in Asia.

This award had qualified me and the team to act as a representative of UiTM Perak for Invention, Innovation and Design (IID 7th) in UiTM Malaysia.

Highest gratitude to PM Dr Mohd Sabrizaa and PM Sr Hj Fisal Ishak for 'lending' their house for our project.

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