My passion in Innovation

Innovation can be described as the process that renews something that exists and not, as is commonly assumed, the introduction of something new..For me, my innovations are of course, prone to my nature of teaching in UiTM Perak - building services and environmental technology - two most lovable scope of Nur Azfahani's research!

My first starting gear is when I've been rewarded a Fundamental Research Grant Scheme (FRGS) by MOHE in the year of 2007. The research-which was related with traditional and vernacular housing in Malaysia - completed in 2008. My first attempt in innovation is in the year of 2008 with several UKM and UM friends for UM Innovation Expo, and Alhamdullilah our project had won Bronze Medal. This success felts like a personal combat to me, as if I am in the military operations winning a strategic victory. haha..
This award had encouraged me to go more further.

Innovation can be seen as a change in the thought of process for doing something, or the useful application of new inventions or discoveries..So, in the year 2009, me and my group try to develop a ranking system to evaluate cross-ventilation in tropical houses using a computer software..
Alhamdullilah! who had ever wonder that this project won 5 awards so far since 2009 to 2010.
Thank you my team!! For a wonderful effort!

Best Poster    (UiTM Perak Innovation Expo 2009)
Gold Award   (UiTM Perak Innovation Expo 2009)
The Best Innovation Award  (UiTM Perak Innovation Expo 2009)

Gold Award  (Innovation, Invention & Desigh (IID) 2010, UiTM Malaysia)
Silver Award (Malaysia Technology Expo (MTE) 2010, PWTC, K.Lumpur)

Ever since that, I had also encouraged and supervised my students to participate in numerous Innovation competition. Recently,  2 groups of students had won awards in two events. Alhamdullilah..

Amir Asyura and Taufiq Ismail
Bronze Medal
ENVEX 2010 (Venue: Univ Malaysia Perlis)

Faisal Hafiz Anuar, Mohammud Nazirul Mohd Noh and Mohammad Helmi Nadzri
Silver Medal
IID SE 2010 (Venue: UiTM Malaysia)

 Winning team of Faculty Architecture, Planning and Surveying in IID 2010
 Me and Khairulliza, our group system analyst (IID 2010)
 Celebrating the winning team of my students project, together with our Dean, Prof Madya Dr Wan Mohd Naim Wan Mohd
 My students and their project (as young as Semester 03 Diploma students) competing with PhD students - They got Silver Award for this project. Well done guys!
 Another group of students (celebrating their victory of Bronze Medal in ENVEX 2010) held at UniMAP
 The entrance of the Exhibition - joyous moment for me, because back from this competition, I got another good news! I managed to get a MOHE/UiTM scholarships for my PhD in Auckland! Alhamdullilah..
 Another exhibition- this time is Malaysia Technology Expo held in PWTC
 Our booth at PWTC (MTE 2010)
 Gala Dinner - announcing the winners (MTE 2010)
 Me and my research team - Cik Nazhatulzalkis (MTE 2010)
 Moment of thruth - IID 2010 UiTM Shah Alam (awarding stage)
Glorious moment (three awards in a row for our CVRS project) -
Me; at the centre (leader of my team), with Nazhatulzalkis Jamaludin dan Khairulliza Ahmad Saleh

Thank You UiTM Perak! For everything!!
Especially to TP PJI, Prof Madya Dr Ismail Shamsuddin and PJI Team in UiTM Perak.

" Is all about passion and enthusiasm.."

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e-fah said...

Salam, very interesting post, I too would likt ot extend my phd overseas, any tips on how you won "Best Poster" (UiTM Perak Innovation Expo 2009)? I'd like to do the same.