Norman (2000) states that control systems are an integral part of modern society. The rockets fire, space shuttle lifts off to earth orbit, automatic mechanical parts, transportation delivering material (lifts, gondola, etc.), are just a few examples of the automatically controlled system that we can create.

The best knowledge that can be related towards this systems in a building surveying scope is Building Automation System (BAS); which known in Malays as 'Sistem Automasi Bangunan'. BAS has significant impact towards Intelligent or Smart Building System.

A control system can be defined as a subsystems assembled for the purpose of controlling the outputs of the processes. For example, a thermometer in a building which act as sensors, measure the room temperature and react or response based on a given input or stimulus and creates a thermal comfort zone in the areas. This is the advantage of control systems engineering. With this system, we can move large equipment with precision that would be impossible before. The best example is lift or elevator systems. Elevators can carry us quickly to each floor and automatically stops at the required floor (Norman, 2000).

p/s: one of the related scope in BS is BS. Huhh??
Building Surveying = Building Services
see B.S = B.S :)

Sr Pn Nur Azfahani Ahmad
MSc. in Building Services Engineering (Heriot-Watt Univ, UK)

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