My Pre-PhD phase: Photovoltaic Tree! Cool!!

It is the right time now for Malaysia to make full effort on the gift Allah granted us the most ~ Sunshine - Solar radiation~since our country's strategic location in this universe is in the Equatorial region. Why must we still rely on the sources of oil and gas? Our earth is facing crucial duration now especially on the climate changing and global warming issue.
Map of Malaysia (Equatorial region)

Renewal Energy (RE)  is a must in every country in this world due to our lack of sources for gas and oil now. We should seek for other alternatives, because the sources of oil and gas are depleting. Solar technology is the most effective option this earth have; it is clean, environmental-friendly energy, less-maintenance and stable.

See efforts that made by several countries throughout the world (UK-London, Milan, Vienna, Germany, etc)
"Photovoltaic Trees"
For me, these are really-really cool and neat stuffs!!

 London Tourism Centre
Vienna (Hardscape)

Sun -shading system for Parking area - which utilised the sun!

Artistic sculpture with purpose!
Photovoltaic trees are wonderfully used for various of reasons (landscaping, sun shading, parking areas, sculpture and many more)

last accessed 25th November 2010

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