What I see almost everyday; from home to the university..

It is almost 4 weeks now since my first arrival in Auckland city, New Zealand.
My magnificient experience everyday..

Colourful birds

Beautiful flora and fauna

Billboard, signboard and signage

Various Facilities..

My pathway everyday..

25th November 2010..
Each and everyone of the doctoral students in my faculty will be given a shared 2 person-office for research purposes. Alhamdullilah, mine is at the 5th floor in this building and only 4 doors away from my cool supervisor, Pak Hugh's office.

This is what I see everyday..from my office's window..

Ive shared this room with a Germany scholar..
Rak bukuku yang masih kosong. Eventually, in time, I will utilised this space..=) In time..InsyaAllah..
 My Jacket~gantung situ..

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