Auckland and its surrounding..

Around Auckland, buildings were designed with minimalist and modern architecture..
Whilst, the parks are strongly-influenced by Maori culture and heritage..

 Lots of lots of apartments here in Auckland city..
 Old railway station..

Vector Arena Stadium
Unit of houses..
 Street lighting with the approach of Maori design..

 Maori symbols can be easily seen everywhere and anywhere..
Maori symbol..

Modern minimalist housing concept..with watery landscape features at front of the housing..

The maori symbol ~The Koru depicts new beginnings, growth and harmony, taken from the symbolism of a unfurled silver fern leaf. New Zealand has some of the most beautiful ferns in the world.

 The watery landscape as the main cooling features for the housing area..Definitely for the high-class family income area..

This Maori symbol can be interpreted as ~ The circle of life which includes the path of life ever ongoing, with no beginnings and no end

New Zealand's symbol- leaves of New Zealand attach together..

love the pedestrian walkway..

They love using glass as the main facade` of the building here in Auckland, although it is not very energy-efficient..

i love the way they build up the facade..of course with another approach of Kiwi's leaves..
 unique sculpture...but I still cannot figure it out what it is?

 name one of the apartment near the dock.

 "The power of imagination...the sky is the limit.."

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