Auckland City: The Mixture of Modern Skyscrapers and Post-Colonial Buildings

Here and can see the varieties tones of life in the bubbly and colourful Auckland City..The building, the surrounding, the nature..
This city is so exciting, holding the attention of my sight.
This city is young and vibrant and at the same time remains a set of customs and traditions which unite several cultures throughout the world..
Yes, a great mix of culture..This city is a little part of westerners, a little part of asian, and of course most of it are Kiwis..
I love the buildings, I love the beaches, I love the parks, I love the foods (definitely-Halal food!), I love the weather..Yes, I love almost everything about this city..
Wherever you stay in Auckland, you're never far from breathtaking scenery and invigorating walks

“An attractive place doesn’t have to be a big city, but it has to be cosmopolitan—a place where anyone can find a peer group to be comfortable with, and also find other groups to be stimulated by; a place seething with the interplay of cultures and ideas; a place where outsiders can quickly become insiders.”
Richard Florida, Director of Martin Prosperity Institute, Professor of Business and Creativity, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, in The Rise of the Creative Class, 2003.

Kia Ora!
Auckland City..
"the love that unites humanity" (Germaine Greer).

 The modern architecture..
 Colours of the city
 Art everywhere..
The facilities
 Glass everywhere..
 The Post-Colonial buildings
 The parks
 The harbour and the tower
 My University
 The parks
 The apartments and its surroundings
 The beaches and sea-side
My entertainment here (Dining, of course ~ Halal! and Cinema)..

 Auckland City ~ The city of colours..=)

All pictures are private collection of Nur Azfahani Ahmad


wan hazwan said...

Nice picture Pn.Nur Azfahani =)
Sy doakan Pn Selamat & Sihat Sentiasa Di Sana...
Yang Penting Bawa Pulang "Dr." as soon as possible..hehehe...Amin...

Nur Azfahani said...

Thank you Hazwan..Amin..Ya rabbal alamin..

ur_whispers said...

Teruskan momentun menulis, sb ia membantu penulisan research Pn...hehe

Natasha said...

Hai K. Pani..cantiknya NZ..! Bila la dpt chance belajar jauh2 mcm akak ni??Saya baru jadi follower akak. Feel free to visit my blog ya

Nur Azfahani said...

Irwan, terima kasih..InsyaAllah, jika berkelapangan..

Hi Tasha..InsyaAllah, nnt akak bukak blog Tasha..jemput dtg Auckland..jln2..=)