Researcher: Aida Affina Abd Ghani, Sr Nur Azfahani Ahmad, Noorazlina Kamarulzaman

Vandalisms nowadays are a part of social problem in our society. It has always been a burden to the society. Early environment and upbringing, criminal personality, crises and events are among the factors that lead to vandalism. It is identified that most of the vandals are adult and followed by young teenagers with difference type of vandalism. Rapid development may one of the factor that leads to this behaviour. In order to develop Klang Valley area and achieve urbanisation, the city hall need to achieve squatter zero, thus the residents need to be shifted to another place. Most of the scattered squatters have been vanished and low cost flats developments are introduced. Therefore, most of the residents of these flats are the ex-squatter low – income residents. It is found that the size of 1 unit’s flats is small and limited if compared to the occupants of the house. This had increased the feeling of uneasiness towards house environment among occupants. However, this is the only house they can afford since majority of them is from the low – income group. To analysis this problem, questionnaires and case study have been obtained to determine overall opinion on the issue and to get actual visual on the scenarios. The selected study area is Rumah Pangsa Danau Kota, Setapak which is constructed to accommodate the needs of this group. All data were analyse and presented in form of charts and graphs. It is noted that, the highest occurrence of vandalism is at the hidden area at the lower floor and predominantly acted by early-adult group of 21-24 years old.

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